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Benahavis River Walk

Posted by admin on October 10, 2018
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A refreshing leisure activity in the depths of nature, close to the scenic village of Benahavis, far away from the packed beaches of Marbella.

Become submerged in nature during the so-called “river walk”, without a doubt one of our favourite adventures. This trip, which can take about 2 to 3 hours to complete, starts at Charco de Las Mozas, which is situated near the entrance of the village of Benahavis. Follow the path down to the Guadalmina river, right through the impressive canyon of Las Angosturas. Winding paths twirl between the rocks and river.


Grapple across gigantic boulders and capricious rocks, climb on your hands and feet to avoid slipping and swim past the rocks and the flank of the canyon, all in a tropical setting. Discover giant yellow butterflies, whimsical dragonflies and colourful birds. Beware the lizards that scour the rocks and the turtles that lie resting in the scorching sun! Bask in the soothing sounds of the continuously flowing river. Unwind in the smooth, showery drops of natural water that spill from the enclosing rocks. These are just a few of many formidable experiences you’ll encounter during this trip.




A minimal physique is required as well as the ability to swim in order to complete this trip. We strongly recommend wearing neoprene footwear as these guarantee a steady footing while rock climbing in addition to impeding the swimming sections of the trip as little as possible.

At one point you will encounter a dam, which marks the end of the trip. While this final section is one of the roughest and most adventurous parts of the  trip, it is in no way dangerous. Everyone who’s completed this trip will undoubtedly agree it is an absolute blast. This is a must do!


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